The Internet of Things

How many gadgets do you have in your home? I bet that if you stopped what you were doing right now, looked up and counted all of the gadgets within plain site, that you’d easily count at least five. Dig a little deeper and open up drawers and cupboards, and I bet you that even more gadgets would appear! You’re not alone! The majority of homes are full of them! From fridges to security alarms, these gadgets are likely to do more than just make our lives easier in the future. It is thought that these items will become smarter… [Read More]

10 Things I love about my better half

I recently wrote a post things of things that I do to irritate my better half so now thought I would turn it around a bit and write down 10 things that I love about my other half. 1. My wife follows me around the house all the time, but actually this might well annoy some people, but most of the time it makes me laugh!  2. My wife has never attempted to change me in any way which to me proves that she loves me for who I am 3. I love the way she is with our twin… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things part 10

I1. R and M were washing home grown carrots with their mum and R started kissing a little carrot. When asked why she said the carrot is so cute! 2. Mummy’s favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. M said I would like a belle dress and said to her mummy you can have a beast dress! 3. R has started to say well known phrases, but has changed them slightly instead of saying, ‘what on earth’ she says something and ends it with ‘earth’. She says ‘my life’ instead of ‘on my life’, and finally if her Mummy… [Read More]

Things I do that irritate my better half

So let’s be honest I know we all love our other halves,but what do you think irritates them about you.I know I certainly do some things that really irritate my wife.  I thought I would give just six things that I think irritate my wife and nomoinate five people to do the same remember it’s what you think that irritates your partner.  So here are mine… 1. When my wife is talking I have a habit of interrupting and usually she rolls her eyes and sternly says, “Can I finish?”  2. We can be sitting down in the evening and… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things. Part 9

1. I asked R what she was doing and she said I am going to the mountain and then she told M don’t you go or daddy will be on his own! 2. M said to her mummy there’s the moon mummy then she said I wish I could fly to say hello to Mr Moon! 3. While on holiday the girls loved slush puppy’s, but M renamed them fluffies! 4. I said to R have a drink as it was a hot day and she replied Daddy I haven’t got time for a drink! 5. While on holiday recently… [Read More]

Things I wish I had been told before having children

1. I miss sleep more than I ever could imagine! The early mornings, broken nights sleeps, the actual act of getting them to bed etc. Sleep deprivation is something I know all too well! I never believed it was possible, but it’s true! 2. I used to be a patient, laid back and easy going person before I had children, but when my kids came along I knew that my patience would be tested! In fact it’s been taken to a whole new level! Counting to ten helps! 3. Spontaneity – what’s that?! Suddenly the ability to go to the… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things. Part 6

1. When we woke up one morning we were all in the same bed. I was going to work and my wife had planned to take the girls to the farm that day. My wife said to the girls, “Would you like to go the farm today?” R replied and said, “You enjoy the farm. I’m going back to sleep!” She then closed her eyes! 2. One morning when the girls were having a bath M asked her mum what’s that on your finger. My wife explained it was a wedding ring and that mummy and daddy were married forever… [Read More]

Twins do and say the funniest things part 5

1. M all of sudden went running though the the house screaming there’s a spider chasing me. When we eventually caught up with her some black cotton was on her sock, but she was convinced it was a spider. 2. When my wife had finished showering and just before she had put a towel on M asked: “Are your boobies pink?” 3. My wife gave R a top to wear and she turned around and said I don’t want it, it’s too pretty! 4. My wife had her hair up and M said you are all grown up now. 5…. [Read More]