Should We Encourage The Competitive Edge

We live in a world today that is very much dog eat dog, and in the business, sport or in fact any path we take in our lives, it has a competitive edge to get ahead or finish first, or top of the pile. This is the way the world has evolved. There was a time when it was natural to just take part without the fear of not winning. It didn’t matter where we finished and we didn’t need reminding, it’s the taking part that matters, which we are now on a regular basis reminded of by schools or… [Read More]

Why Don’t We Ever Hear Stories of ‘Dads Who Won the Lottery’?

When Beverly Doran, a mother of four from Shipley, West Yorkshire, won £14.5 million in a EuroMillions draw in February 2017, it came just when she really needed the money. Ms. Doran, who separated from her husband a short time before, had quit her job in order to care fulltime for her children, two of whom had been diagnosed with autism. After winning the lottery, Ms. Doran was able to cancel her government benefits and begin looking for a new home for her family. “The main thing is that my children are going to be fine,” she said. A similar,… [Read More]

Sports Day: Are You A Competitive Parent? 

Sports day at your children’s school can bring out the best and worst in parents. Some parents will say it’s all about taking part and trying your best and that’s perfectly fine and ok, but in my humble opinion this doesn’t teach our children a winning mentality and let’s be honest life is very competitive no matter what occupation or path you take in life. It really is all about winning, well at least I think so. When I was in primary school being politically correct simply didn’t exist. My aim on sports day was to win the sprint. I… [Read More]

Is the Desire to Win, Born or Taught?

I have often wondered if we teach our children the desire and will to win at sports or academic achievements. Or it is something that we are born to do? Is it part of our character and DNA? Looking back at my own childhood I was never encouraged, let alone taught to be first in whatever I did. In fact I wasnt even taught that taking part was the most important thing. All that aside I always wanted to be first and I hated losing. I wouldn’t entertain coming second! Is that wrong? Well, I don’t think so. It’s helped… [Read More]

Teaching our children a winning mentality

It’s interesting that there two completely different sides to this, on the one side we have some schools that having sports days with winners and I am sure some schools teaching exactly the opposite that on sports day there are no winners just those that take part. Today I suppose it is not politically correct to encourage winning at all costs. Of course it’s the taking part that matters. Well I have difficultly in getting that in my head. Children should be taught a competitive edge and wanting to win because after all this is what will make our top… [Read More]