Yes! Yes! I Have Won An Award: Working Dad Of The Year

At the beginning of the year I wrote a post about what I would like to possibly achieve with my blog. I don’t make any particular plans, but there was a number of things that I hoped I could build upon. Back in 2017 I was lucky enough to be named in the charts and there is no doubt I would like to achieve that in 2018. I was also a finalist in the Blogosphere annual awards, which sadly I did not win, but this gave me a taste of what it would it feel like to win an award…. [Read More]

My Eldest Daughter J Wow! You Make Me So Proud

My eldest daughter, J, like all of my children make me feel so happy inside and outside, and they all never cease to amaze me with the achievements that they keep achieving in life. It’s actually never ending. Friday of last week was one such day that my love and pride of my children was just making my heart burst in a way that only your children can manage to do. As they progress through life, we all hope that the the goals and ambitions they have set out for themselves are achieved. It’s always a worry they won’t, but… [Read More]

2018 SuperAchievers Award: Working Dad Of Year Category I’m Shortlisted

Yesterday on a very cold snowy morning, I had an email to say I have been shortlisted for a SuperAchievers Award in the category of ‘Working Dad of the Year’. To say I’m over the moon would be an understatement. It’s always an honour when you’re recognised for all your hard work, so thank you to Pitman for shortlisting me, and my wife, Emily, for nominating me. This really made my day yesterday. My beautiful wife nominated me for the award, which is such a lovely thing to do, especially when I read yesterday morning the lovely things she said… [Read More]

What A Year 2017

I have been writing my blog for three years and one month, and this year something changed that I still find difficult to get my head around. It has gone from what was purely a hobby, into a small, but relatively profitable business. I have to admit that even in my wildest dreams I never expected to earning a penny from my blog let alone some of the fantastic opportunities that I have received because of my blog this year. This year when it started, I didn’t really have any goals or ambitions for my blog, which in all honesty… [Read More]

How Important, Or Possible Is It For Dad Bloggers To Win An Award

I will start by saying, yes I would love to win an award for my blog. It would be a sign of recognition that my blog is read and is worthy to be looked at. Yes, it would be an enormous ego boost and truly awesome to put that badge on my sidebar. What are the chances of me winning one? I guess 0.01% chance of winning an award. I actually got on a shortlist this year, to great surprise and total amazement, and I attended the awards although I hoped I might win, deep down I knew I stood… [Read More]

WOW! I’ve Been Shortlisted For An Award with Blogosphere magazine!

Well, this was a big surprise! On Monday morning, May 8th, as I was getting everything ready to start the school run for my five year old twin girls my phone pinged with a notification from Twitter. That’s not particularly unusual at that time of the morning because I seem to be forever on twitter, haha! I usually just glance at it and think will look properly later. On this particular morning though, this tweet stopped me and I needed to read it! When I started reading it, I actually struggled to read what was written. I had been shortlisted… [Read More]

Stats and Charts. Really what is the Point?

I recently read a post by Tim Liew about his decision to leave the Tots 100 index. I would like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not because he is another of the more recognised bloggers to leave this index. All this got me thinking about stats and charts and top 10 lists. First of all I would like to say that this year I have been lucky enough to be named in a few top 10 lists and my stats are better than ever. Of course that has alerted big brands and larger PR companies, and enabled me to… [Read More]

My daughter J is shortlisted for an award

My oldest daughter decided to find a job rather than go to university and it’s turning out to be the right decision for her. She went to work for a large insurance company with good career prospects and I always thought if she applied herself the sky’s the limit.  She has been working there for two and half years and started at the bottom working the phones and hopefully showing she had something to offer.  About a year ago she was approached by a manager to say that she was being put forward for a seniors position.  It was obivious… [Read More]