Guide on Best Mattresses for Parents with Back Pain

Millions of people around the world suffer from chronic back pain. Many of the victims are parents and their long painful days can seem like torture. If you are a parent who is looking to relieve some of this chronic back pain, the solution may be as simple as purchasing a new mattress. While previous common knowledge led parents to believe that purchasing the firmest mattress available on the market would relieve back pain, there has never been any research to prove the theory. However, sleep professionals have identified specific mattress traits and features that are better when it comes… [Read More]

Things To Consider When Buying a New Bed #AD

Getting a good, well rested eight hours of sleep is so important in order to feel wide awake enough to deal with the trials and tribulations of daily life. This can be exhausting if you have young children like I do. I’m a dad of five which includes six year old twins. There is no doubt that they have an abundance of endless energy and some days it can be difficult to keep up. That’s why it’s even more important to have a good nights sleep. Having a good nights sleep is so often down to what your bed is… [Read More]

The Family Bed No Wait A Minute It’s The Wife’s And Mine

Where oh where did I sign a contract all those years ago that said I would accept our nearly seven year old twin girls crawling into our bed in the middle of the night, and I seriously mean, every night! Not one night will pass by where we do not wake up in the morning and there is four of us in our bed. Well I cannot find said contract and I’m just wondering a little bit now what age they will actually both stay in their beds all night. Oh yes! It would be lovely not to be cramped… [Read More]

Buying a new bed for your children

Early last year, it became apparent that our twin girls had almost outgrown their cot beds. They’d had them since they were babies, when we used to use them as cots. As they got older, we changed them from cots to beds, but they quickly outgrew them. My wife and I knew that it was time to buy them a new bed each. They don’t have the biggest bedroom, and they do share a room, so my wife and I were keen to buy something ‘space saving’. That’s when we started to look at bunk beds for Kids. It seemed… [Read More]

Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Child

If your baby is between the age of 18-36 months, then the chances are that you’re going to be thinking about moving your baby to a big boy/girl bed pretty soon. Switching from a baby’s cot over to an adult bed should be an exciting time, even though it is a reminder on how fast your children are growing up (boohoo!). However, rather than the bed frame itself, the mattress really should be the main focus as it will help with the child’s spinal growth and development. I spoke to Joy Richards, sleep specialist at Happy Beds, who helps to… [Read More]

Moving the twins to bigger beds

Our twins girls are now four years old and we have been lucky to have had their cots for them since they were babies. We deliberately bought cot beds for the purpose that they would last a long time. They converted easily from cots to beds, which was great, but the time has come that they have out grown their beds and in all honesty they are starting to fall apart! However, they have been a good buy as they have lasted us four years so they now need new beds and this is something we have to think about… [Read More]