The Christmas Cost

I’ve teamed up with Admiral insurance for their cost of Christmas campaign. The idea behind the campaign is to see how the cost of the festive season has changed over the last 40 years. Admiral have created a very clever widget which people can interact with. Simply select which year you’d like to find more about (2006, 1996, 1986 and 1976), and then  you can compare this against your spend at Christmas to find out what items have gone up and if prices have dropped on certain items. You can find the widget online at Admiral have also included some… [Read More]

A Beautiful Bathroom Needn’t Cost An Arm And A Leg 

Image Source A lot of people are unhappy with their bathrooms. These rooms are hard to renovate, and they usually age quite poorly. This combination is one that makes people feel very bad about this part of their house. But, unfortunately, getting over this hump isn’t going to be easy; most people don’t want to deal with the expense or fuss of renewing their bathroom. Getting rid of the fuss is nearly impossible. But, it is possible to remove some of the expense. And, this post is going to be taking you through some ways that this can be done…. [Read More]

How to Cut Back on Your Smoking Expenditure

Not only is smoking an addictive habit, but it also becomes quite expensive. Having a smoking habit that consistently forces you to quite literally burn through packs of cigarettes a week can end up being very costly. Furthermore, states continue to push regulation raising smoking taxes that make it seem like smoking expenditures are sharply increasing each and every year.  If you’re finding that the money you’re spending each week on smoking is getting harder to part with, we have compiled a list of a few ways that you can help cut back on some of the money you spend… [Read More]

Not Long Till Christmas OMG! The Cost. 

It’s 62 days until Christmas. I love this time of year. The shops are filling up with Christmas decorations. The supermarkets are filing up with toys and the spirit of Christmas is beginning to appear. No, wait a minute. OMG! It’s the cost of Christmas! I have five children and a wife, and the cost is astronomical! Through the roof. Here are my tips in helping towards the cost of Christmas… 1. Planning in advance is vital, as is deciding exactly how much you are going to spend on each child. Of course this depends on how much you favour… [Read More]

Children: OMG! The Cost!

Regular readers will know I’m a dad of five children. Yeah I know what idiot has five children? ME! Seriously though it’s the best thing that could have happened to me. Why? Well, I wanted to be poor all my life and OMG, did it work! I thought when they were babies it was expensive, then when they became teenagers a lightening bolt hit me. The cost is phenomenal! All the lastest designer clothes, mobile phones, laptops etc. The list is endless. All of which costs a fortune. Then multiply all of that just for starters by three! My eldest… [Read More]

A Football Feast with Iceland #PowerofFrozen

The 2016 UEFA European Championship has officially kicked off! After watching the colourful and musical opening ceremony I’m well and truly in the football season mood! I’ve teamed up with Iceland on their #PowerofFrozen campaign to create a truly delicious, yet convenient and cost effective football feast.  This year Iceland are sponsoring the Iceland Euro 2016 team. They’re playing their first match this Tuesday, 14th June at 8pm. It’s the first time that they’ve qualified and that’s pretty impressive when you consider their population is only the size of Coventry. To help give the Iceland Euro 2016 team some extra… [Read More]