Creating Memories With #AD Competition Win £50 Voucher

One of the things that I love to do is look at old photographs. They instantly re-create in my mind the memory of that special moment in which the photograph was taken. There really is nothing quite like holding a physical copy of a photograph. Today with the smart phone those times seem to have changed and I’m sure, like me, you have thousands of photos on your phone and scrolling through them all can be a painstaking job just so that you can find the right photo you want to see. So when I was recently approached by… [Read More]

OMG! Where Has The Last 23 Years Gone

My eldest daughter turned 23 years old at the beginning of July and I thought to myself, OMG! Where have the last 23 years gone? The years really do flash by in the blink of an eye. For me it really only feels like yesterday that I would sit on the patio and count the stars with her on a summer’s night at sunset, and try to pass on some words of wisdom to her, although we have had this conservation on a few occasions recently about how when she was four years old she would sit with me on… [Read More]

Why Do We Bare Our Souls. 

Writing a blog is something that fascinates me. Why? You may ask. Well lots of people like to write about their hobbies or interests or their children, and that’s just brilliant that they want to share their passions with us all. There is another side of blogging that really fascinates me though. It’s how many of us, including myself, that bare our souls and delve deep into our past and tell the world of some of the most tough, difficult times that life has dealt us. I cannot say why other people do it, but I can say why I… [Read More]

My Childhood, marriages and Children looking back.

Looking back over my life I have so memories. Good, bad and some just too difficult to think about, but occasionally I find it important to write down some of my memories as a form of therapy and closure.  As regular readers of my blog will know I’m a dad of five children, but looking back at my own childhood I’m amazed I ever had any children at all. Both of my biological parents were probably the most selfish people I had the misfortune to meet. My father was an alcoholic and constantly having affairs, and until he eventually left… [Read More]

Earliest childhood memories

Your children will remember certain things from their very early childhood. You be will amazed at some of their earliest memories. Here are some of my children’s earliest memories, but first here are some of my earliest memories. It’s strange that the older you get how memories become vague so I was thinking what are my earliest memories. I can remember being at my grandparents house and I would be about four years old and I would sit on my grandfathers lap and have a sleep. My grandmother would always say, “Don’t let him sleep, his mother will go mad!”… [Read More]