Loft Conversion: We Need More Room!

We are currently living in a two bedroom detached bungalow. There are four of us living here; my wife, myself and our six year old twin girls. Obviously my wife and I share a bedroom. and our six year old twin girls also share a bedroom, but this is where the issue is. As the girls are growing up and their personalities and characters are changing and developing, it is becoming more obvious that they are wanting their own space. This means that the time has come to make some big decisions about our home. I think it’s safe to say we are need of at least one more bedroom.

The loft space in our property is very large and would easily accommodate an extra bedroom, if not two. We have decided that we need to start planning a loft conversion. This is something that I have been thinking about for ages, especially how I want it to look. We need to think about what we both want to achieve, after all it will be quite a disruption to our home.

There is so much planning needed and I have looked around online for a design and build company, because it really is so important to me that when we give the go ahead that I am only dealing with one company from start to completion. The thought of having to deal with numerous people such as people who will design it and plan the loft conversion, in addition to having builders coming to try to make it exactly how we want it designed is really not for me. I want a company that has designed and planned the loft conversion to actually do the loft conversion for me. That’s the perfect way. If there is a problem then the people who designed it are on hand to discuss it and put it right, which I think will make the loft conversion go smoothly.

Our plan is to have two bedrooms in the loft, that way the girls will have their own space, but will be actually close enough to each other for when they want some company.

As my twin girls start growing up and heading towards those teen years and have their own set of friends, this will be a fantastic solution. Their own bedrooms where they can hang out with their friends, playing music, games, etc or on stuck on their phones as teenagers do today, haha!

So the new year will be a certain amount of upheaval and disruption in our home, but getting a company that can design and build will definitely make it easier, and my twin girls will get a bedroom each and we will all gain a bit more room in our home.

Are you thinking of having a loft conversion, or have you already had a loft conversion? I would love to hear your experiences.

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