Loft Conversion: We Need More Room!

We are currently living in a two bedroom detached bungalow. There are four of us living here; my wife, myself and our six year old twin girls. Obviously my wife and I share a bedroom. and our six year old twin girls also share a bedroom, but this is where the issue is. As the girls are growing up and their personalities and characters are changing and developing, it is becoming more obvious that they are wanting their own space. This means that the time has come to make some big decisions about our home. I think it’s safe to… [Read More]

Christmas Suits Oh Yes! Let’s Get Festive #AD

I make no secret of the fact that Christmas is easily my favourite time of the year. I love the dark nights and Christmas lights lighting up homes all over the city. The city centre is always very festive and in our city we have the winter wonderland which we always visit for ice skating with our six year twin girls. It’s also one of only a few occasions during the year that we all get together as a family, and for me what makes it very special is that I get to have my five children around me if… [Read More]

I’m On The Chad Valley Play Panel #GoodToGo

The sun is shining which means it’s time to get out in the garden! I have teamed up with Chad Valley and Argos which means that I’m part of their #PlayPanel. As such my children get to try out some of the Chad Valley outdoor toy range, and as you will see they are having a fantastic time checking out all of the great toys. The campaign is all centred around getting outdoors in the garden with your children and enjoying the sunshine, or least trying to when we are dodging the raindrops! It is after all the UK, haha!… [Read More]

I’ve Stopped Worrying What People Think Of Me!

With getting older there are some very negative aspects like not having the energy of a 20 year old, or feeling you can conquer anything because you are fearless. Sadly as you get older the body doesn’t quite do what it used to, and yes I now see the danger in situations that brings out the fear in me, and I will probably not do something just in case I end up hurting myself. When you are a twenty something, nothing stops you. In fact the more dangerous the better. There are some things that maturity and age brings that… [Read More]

My 6 Year Old Twin Girls First Visit To The Circus

Yesterday we took our six year old twin girls to the circus. Somewhere they haven’t been before, and if I’m honest, it’s many a year since I have been to the circus. The last time I went to the circus, there was quite a selection of animals, but it appears those days have gone. Nowadays it’s more acts such as tightrope walking and the wall of death. It certainly has changed and evolved over the years. The circus we went to is Circus Vegas. It’s a is very American themed circus with lots of showgirls and heavily accented on Elvis…. [Read More]

Making The Most Out Of Your Garden This Summer

Your garden, I believe should be enjoyed during the warm summer months, especially if you live in the UK, where the sun can disappear as quickly as it appears. I have always try to minimise the amount of work that is required in the garden. After all I’d rather spend my time playing with the kids in the garden, or sunbathing. Actually there is no chance of that with six year old twins. All I ever hear is “Dad! Come over hear! Let’s play this game or football!” It’s never ending. Sunbathing? Not a chance haha! With my job of… [Read More]

An Interview With Dave Hornby Who Writes The DADventurer

This is my sixth interview with pro-bloggers and this week I’m super proud and honoured to be able to interview Dave, the man behind The DADventurer. Dave writes about his adventures of being a stay-at-home dad to his three and a half year old daughter (L) and 2 month old son (‘Beetle’). With appearances from the missus (Hayley) and sausage dog (Dax), he shares his experiences, thoughts and random musings about parenthood in an honest, light-hearted and often excessively sweary way. When I first started blogging and I googled dad bloggers in the UK, The Dadventurer came up instantly on… [Read More]

An Interview With Harriet Shearsmith Who Writes Toby & Roo

This week it’s the fifth interview in my series of interviews with some of the top parenting bloggers and influencers in the UK today. Today’s interview is with Harriet Shearsmith, the founder and writer of Toby & Roo. I am truly honoured and privileged for Harriet to agree to be interviewed by me for my blog. I am very fortunate to have met Harriet on a number of occasions at different blogging events and we have had many conversations online. Harriet has helped me out with the odd blogging issue and her advice was invaluable. I really can call a… [Read More]