An Interview With Harriet Shearsmith Who Writes Toby & Roo

This week it’s the fifth interview in my series of interviews with some of the top parenting bloggers and influencers in the UK today. Today’s interview is with Harriet Shearsmith, the founder and writer of Toby & Roo. I am truly honoured and privileged for Harriet to agree to be interviewed by me for my blog. I am very fortunate to have met Harriet on a number of occasions at different blogging events and we have had many conversations online. Harriet has helped me out with the odd blogging issue and her advice was invaluable. I really can call a… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 129

This week the brilliant dad feature is all about Kev who writes BringingHomeTheBaby. It’s all about his life as a father to a newborn baby. He started writing his blog so that he can hopefully hand it over to N, his child, when he is older and he says it will be just like a diary of his life. Kev says, life as a new dad is exciting, new and oh so different to before, and he wants to capture as much of it as possible for N and all the world on his blog. Thank you to Kev for… [Read More]

An Interview With Tom Briggs Who Writes Diary Of The Dad

My third interview in my top parent bloggers interviews is Tom Briggs. Tom is the proud father of three children. He has been blogging since 2010. In 2015 he quit his stressful office job to become a full-time blogger, and make a living at something he loves. He says it’s one of the best decisions he has ever made. Tom blogs mostly about parenting, but also many other topics. His blog is always fresh and very engaging. He writes with a great style that draws you in, and leaves you wanting more. Tom is without question one of the premier… [Read More]

Brilliant Dad Feature Week 127

This week the Brilliant Dad feature is Jon. Jon is the father of two and has been married for seven years. He’s passionate about health & sport, community action, and personal development. These passions have integrally influenced his character into the man he is today. He’s the Founder of This Dad Can. This Dad Can is an online resource for new, existing and expecting fathers. It resources men to be the Dads they want to be. Saving them valuable time and money by avoiding the common parenting mistakes.  Join the 2900 other dads already benefiting from his website This Dad can…. [Read More]

How To Help Your Car Pass Its MOT

If your vehicle is due its annual MOT test and you are a little concerned as to whether or not it is going to make it through successfully, this article is one for you. There are several simply checks and tests which you can perform yourself to improve its chances. Photo Credit Before you take it in, you also want to make sure that you are going to trusted and qualified professionals like MOT Testing at Drive Vauxhall. Let’s run through a few of the main methods of helping your car pass its MOT. Check the Lights The first easy… [Read More]

Tips For Removing A Radiator When Decorating

Over the years I have often been asked to remove radiators before decorating. As such this is now second nature to me, but there was a time when I first became self-employed as a painter and decorator that I didn’t quite know what I was doing. On one such occasion many years ago I was decorating a kitchen and I had to wallpaper all the walls. You can of course just wallpaper around so that you just pass the radiator. and the chances are nobody would know any different. For me that’s simply not good enough. I’m a perfectionist and for… [Read More]

My Holiday Destinations Bucket List

Over the course of my lifetime, I have been very fortunate to visit on holidays many wonderful and exotic places. Which include destinations like Rome, Marrakesh and the Balearic Islands. That of course doesn’t mean that I have many more places, that I would love to visit and see the many fantastic places that the world has to offer. So I thought I would do a bucket list of five of the destinations that I would to see before I’m old to get out of my armchair. That’s a while before that happens I might add. So I was wondering… [Read More]

5 Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Termites For Good

Out of all the household pests, termites are, without doubt, the most formidable. They can ruin and destroy the foundations of your home in a matter of a few years and can often reoccur again and again, much to the distress of the home owner. Here are 5 simple steps on how to locate a termite infestation, take effective extermination action and then preventative precautions, all while saving money on professional help. 1. Find the infestation The first thing you must do if you are worried about termites is hunt for an infestation. The most common warning signs are holes,… [Read More]