Safety Gear Every DIY Enthusiast Must Own

The DIY community has got a lot of new members over the past couple of years. There are more DIY projects to try thanks to websites like Instructables and getting started with them keeps getting easier. You also have more tools and materials to work with, including advanced ones like 3D printers and ABS plastic.   One thing you don’t want to neglect when getting started with DIY projects is safety. If you are spending a lot of time outside working on a treehouse or a shed, for example, consider looking at these softshell jackets for extra protection and comfort…. [Read More]

Dad AF #letstalkdad

I am very proud and honoured to be a partner in a brand new App and website that is completely dedicated to dads called Dad AF. Going back some months ago I was approached and asked if I would like to be part of a brand new app that will hopefully enable dads to talk and ask questions. I instantly thought yes! I love this idea! A website/app which is purely for dads to talk and seek advice and ask questions that they wouldn’t maybe ordinarily ask. It is also a place that if dad’s are struggling with fatherhood they… [Read More]

It’s Such A Struggle At Times: Life

As a father you should be strong. As a husband you should be strong. As a son you should be strong. As a man you should not show vulnerability, weakness or that you may be struggling from day to day. So that’s what society portrays even today in 2019. Yes it’s better but we still have a long way to go. Well guess what. I don’t feel strong, I don’t feel good about myself. I’m struggling on a daily basis, but I have no idea why! When people ask how are you? Are you ok? I reply with a smile… [Read More]

Blogging Has Given Me The Opportunity To Be On The Radio

I have been blogging for nearly five years and there is no doubt that it has taken me on some truly awesome adventures and given me opportunities I never in my wildest dreams thought possible. When I started writing that first post I never had any plan, or in truth even knew what I was doing! I thought I will just write a few posts and see what happens. It was just a bit of fun and in lots of ways that is exactly what it still is today. The other day I read a post by Tayla from Motherhood… [Read More]

It’s Exam Season: Giveaway #ad

It’s that time of the year when our children of high school age are taking their exams. Many of them will be taking their GCSE’s or A’Levels and this is a particularly stressful time for all children. It will decide how their future is going to pan out with their GCSE’s as it will dictate what A’Levels they will be studying and that they pass them with the right grade so that they can go on to study the subjects they will need to go to the university of their choice. Those taking their A’Levels are working hard to get… [Read More]

How To Make The Best Man Cave

Finding some personal space in today’s world can be tough, especially if you have kids running circles around you from the minute you arrive home from work. Often even a moment’s peace enjoyed on the toilet doesn’t go interrupted! So, when you get the opportunity to create your own ‘man cave’, the ideas and designs that rush into your head can give you very high expectations that your DIY skills just can’t match up to. The chance to make your own space can be really exciting, and that excitement can return each time you enter if it’s done properly. Luckily,… [Read More]

Sports Day : Competitive Or Non Competitive

It’s that time of the year when primary and junior schools will be holding their sports day, and as per usual it will bring up the subject of whether they should be competitive or non-competitive. It of course is entirely up to schools how they wish to approach sports day. The school our seven year old twin girls attend has a sports day that is competitive and I for one am completely happy with that. They give a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in all the races and I cannot see anything wrong with that. It is teaching my girls to… [Read More]

Teen Years: Driving Fears

You have been vigorously saving for college as your teenager continues to grow older and older.  You take them to get their permit, they take driving classes, and all of a sudden, they are able to get behind the wheel by themselves.  How did that happen so quickly? You begin to wonder, “How can I afford this and where am I going to find the right car for them?” Image Courtesy Of Courtney Corlew Fear not, there are ideas available for you to prepare for this life-changing moment in your teenager’s life.   Prepare them to Buy Their Car This… [Read More]