Trying To Live A Zero Waste Life

For quite a while my wife and I have become increasingly more aware of the amount of waste that we are dumping on our planet and just what a devastating effect it is having on planet earth. As such, we have decided to try to live a zero waste life. We both feel it’s vitally important for our children so that when they become adults they’ll hopefully inherit a cleaner, more environmentally friendly planet than what it is currently. It’s also vital that we teach our seven old twins now about zero waste so it is passed onto future generations… [Read More]

Being More Energy Conscious In My Home #ad

When you live in a family home that has five children roaming around without any thought about how the bills are paid, it seems that whatever room I go in the lights are always on, or the television is left on without, yes you guessed it, anybody watching it. So when I was approached by British Gas to team up with them and try to make our home more energy conscious, I instantly thought yes that sounds like something I would love to get involved with and it got me thinking how I initially could become more energy conscious and… [Read More]

It’s Time To Help With The Environment: Electric Cars

Regular readers of my blog will know I’m a father of five children. My biggest concern for them is how previous generations have messed up our environment. Although I don’t blame them. I’m sure they didn’t do it intentionally, they simply didn’t have the information that we have today. One change I am now seriously thinking of doing to help with the environment is changing my car from a traditional petrol/diesel engine to an electric car. Many manufacturers are producing either hybrid or electric models, and I personally think this has to be the way forward. To stop polluting the… [Read More]

Saving the environment one step at a time


In my job as a painter, decorator and all round handy man, I’m often asked to take on a variety of different jobs. Thankfully the majority of my outdoor jobs, can get done in the summer, leaving with me some smaller jobs that can be done indoors. It’s not that I don’t like working outdoors, but when it’s bitterly cold and I’m trying to clean someone’s gutters out it can be pretty tough going. One of the perks of doing my job is that over the years that I’ve learnt how to be efficient, whilst also being kind to the… [Read More]