Do Dads Suffer More Emotionally And Financially After Divorce

I have been married twice in my life. My first marriage ended in divorce, and this left me emotionally, and financially damaged. I also had to re-build my life from scratch, and after 15 years or so, and three children, it wasn’t easy, and it took me many years to be in a happy place again. I’m not saying that only men suffer in divorce because that would be too much of a one sided argument. Obviously women are affected by divorce as well. What I’m actually saying is generally men lose so much more after divorce. Emotionally, men in… [Read More]

Are You Spending Too Much?

Life is getting more expensive. This is not a threat, nor the latest headline in the newspaper. This is the factual truth. And it is rather sad too. But as a result, people feel more and more compelled to save on everything they do, and this is, after all, the best way to approach this financial matter. After all, money becomes an essential part of your everyday lifestyle when you are a parent: Being responsible for children means that you can’t go on spending without looking after your household budget anymore. But what this means too is that you develop… [Read More]

When Will You Charge Your Children Rent?

I left school at 16 years of age and my mother was straight to the point. Right son, you need a job because I’m not keeping you. I imagine I timidly replied ok mum! So I got a job and after a full weeks work I was given my first pay packet. It was an incredible feeling receiving my first pay packet and seeing my name written on the little brown envelope with details of my pay. It was awesome. I got home feeling very proud and I couldn’t wait to show my mum and this is where the reality… [Read More]