5 Ways To Avoid Getting A Divorce

Are you looking for the most effective ways to strengthen your marriage and avoid considering a divorce? If you really want your marriage to work, then you will need to be more patient, avoid complaining, make an action plan, and stick to it. No matter how challenging and daunting it may seem, if you are serious about staying together for a lifetime, you need to take the lead. I am going to share some tips below which will serve as a powerful guide to help you avoid a separation. Stop With The Arguing “It’s all your fault”, “Why did you… [Read More]

How Mediation Helped When I Got Divorced

The pressures of life today are most likely greater than they have ever been. Life today is fast and expectations of buying a home, having a family etc, can put a huge strain on any relationship or marriage. When we meet somebody, of course we always think it’s for life. Falling in love, getting married and starting a family in all honesty is what most people want. Of course it doesn’t always work out like that which is what happened to me in my first marriage. My first marriage ended in divorce and there is no doubt like a lot… [Read More]

Why Do Kids Become Weapons: When Relationship’s Go Wrong

Divorce in the world today is forever on the increase. There are probably a number of reasons why it’s on the rise. The pressures of life are far greater than ever before with work and money worries, which also seem to be greater today than ever before. Generally speaking the pressures of life and relationships in particular can be immense. It appears nowadays that people split up and file for divorce very quickly, because it’s easier than ever to get divorced. If I’m honest, divorce being easier to achieve is actually a good thing, and of course nowadays it does… [Read More]

Do Dads Suffer More Emotionally And Financially After Divorce

I have been married twice in my life. My first marriage ended in divorce, and this left me emotionally, and financially damaged. I also had to re-build my life from scratch, and after 15 years or so, and three children, it wasn’t easy, and it took me many years to be in a happy place again. I’m not saying that only men suffer in divorce because that would be too much of a one sided argument. Obviously women are affected by divorce as well. What I’m actually saying is generally men lose so much more after divorce. Emotionally, men in… [Read More]

Grey Divorce is on the Rise: Why?

The number of older people getting a divorce in later life has increased significantly in recent years. While it is important to understand the factors that can help explain this, it is also important that those who are going through the experience get the advice, help and support they need to move on. Societal Pressures One of the factors that can help explain why there is a growing number of people divorcing later in life is societal pressures. It was once the case that many people would simply stop living together, an “Irish” divorce and not go through the official… [Read More]