4 shabby chic decorating ideas that will transform your home

Shabby chic decor is a popular interior design trend, and if you’re eager to introduce this theme to your home, you’re in luck. Keep reading for four easy tips on how you can successfully transform your space in this way. 1. Make a style statement with antique-looking furniture If you’re keen to transform your home into a vintage haven, make sure you go for antique-looking furniture. When you’re shopping for pieces to add to your spaces, keep an eye out for furnishings with features such as carved detailing and curved, distressed edges. If you’re not sure where to start, it… [Read More]

It’s Time To Buy Some New Furniture For Our Home

Our twin girls turn seven years old very soon and looking around our home, it has become apparent that our furniture has started to look very worn out and tired. The dining room table, coffee table, sofa and sideboard have now been completely personalised by the girls with crayons, felt-tips and more paint than I care to mention. The girls have now gone beyond that stage of the messier the activity the better, the more paint on the walls or furniture or everywhere else is definitely much more exciting than painting on a piece of paper. The toddler stage is… [Read More]

My Patio Furniture Wishlist

Spring is well truly in full swing which means one thing! Summer is on the way, yay! Spring is that time of the year when you come out of hibernation from those cold winter months, and venture out into the garden. Preparing your patio for those hot and sunny months of summer is so important. Having six year old twin girls that love spending every moment of daylight in the garden means we spend a lot of time outdoors. For us as a family, it’s important that our patio is the perfect area to sit and enjoy the summer and… [Read More]

5 reasons to choose wooden office furniture.

Surrounding yourself with natural materials in your work environment not only looks great, it simply feels like a better place to work. Synthetic materials just don’t give off the same vibe. Many say it even increases productivity as a calm and natural environment invariably leads to an atmosphere that you are more comfortable to work in which impacts positively on creativity. Here are 5 good reasons why to deck out your office with wooden furniture. 1. Elegance There can be no doubt, the human eye can usually tell what appears natural and what does not. For sheer elegance, natural materials… [Read More]

JYSK Feel the Happiness Campaign #ad

I have recently teamed up with JYSK, the Scandinavian store group that sells everything for the home. Our partnership is to celebrate JYSK’s 2,500th international store which opens in October and I’m delighted to support the Danish store group with its ‘Feel the Happiness’ campaign. Even better, I have a fabulous JYSK VEDDE three door, mirrored wardrobe to give away. I know it’s excellent, I’ve just had one delivered at home and assembled it easily and in short order. The delivery was smooth, packages in perfect condition, everything was good quality and the instructions were well laid out. The first… [Read More]

Being Organised with My Twins and My Home Office 

I am a very methodical person and I need everything to be organised which includes every part of my life. I’m a self employed painter and decorator, and I have a small office at home. My OCD was  in overdrive when I was designing my office. I needed to make sure all of my furniture at work was exactly what I wanted. I wanted particular filing cabinets and also a desk that fitted around me with a comfy chair to do all the paperwork required, as this can takes hours at times. My desk has to be laid out in… [Read More]

2017 Furniture Trends

Furniture is an important and essential part of any home. However, depending on where in the world you live, your idea of essential furniture may vary quite a lot. From dining whilst sat on the floor to minimalistic living areas, furniture can really make or break a home. Mahogany is set to be big in 2017, with the more curvy pieces deemed to be most popular. Think curved benches, cabinets and beds! What’s more the Hudson french provincial furniture sydney have lots of items that fit in with this trend. As mentioned above the minimalistic look is also set to be hot… [Read More]