How to reduce the risk of burglaries.

#AD. In the interest of disclosure and transparency, the syndication of this article has been provided and paid for by FBD Insurance There is no doubt that having your home burgled is a very distressing experience. That is why FBD Insurance have prepared a few simple a few simple steps that can help protect your home and reduce the risk of burglaries.  Light up  Keep your home well lit – nearly half of burglaries (46%) occur between 5pm and 11pm (source: Shine a light – garden lights and motion-detecting floodlights can make approaching your home too conspicuous for a… [Read More]

Benefits of Getting More Hands-on in Your Life

These days, the world is generally more forgiving towards people who are prone to ruminating obsessively, frittering away their time on idle distractions, and having their heads stuck in the clouds. Image via Pixabay Whereas once people in this category would have often had to go out and engage with the world to beat the inevitable boredom that would eventually set in, or else create something like art, today it’s possible to withdraw completely into the world of digital distractions, including things like Netflix, YouTube, assorted videogames, and even just Googling random facts and articles. There are plenty of benefits… [Read More]

Body Positivity Photos Surely It Applies to all Shapes And Sizes

There is a movement on social media all about body positivity. I think this is wonderful and I am all for feeling good about yourself, and feeling good about your body whatever your shape or size. After all it’s your right as a human being to be exactly who you want to be. I will never argue with anybody that says they are happy exactly the way they are and I will take it at face value that they genuinely mean they are happy with themselves. Why would I doubt it? I’ve no reason too. I believe there are two… [Read More]

Protecting Your Property as Best Possible

The average person works eight hours a day, five days a week. There’s a reason for this. We want to provide ourselves and our loved ones with a good quality of life. We want a roof over our heads, we want to be comfortable and safe, and we want to surround ourselves with lovely things that bring joy to our lives. Unfortunately, the sad fact rings true that there are people out there who will happily and readily take or destroy our personal possessions given the first opportunity. So, it’s up to use to take steps to protect our homes… [Read More]

Trying To Live A Zero Waste Life

For quite a while my wife and I have become increasingly more aware of the amount of waste that we are dumping on our planet and just what a devastating effect it is having on planet earth. As such, we have decided to try to live a zero waste life. We both feel it’s vitally important for our children so that when they become adults they’ll hopefully inherit a cleaner, more environmentally friendly planet than what it is currently. It’s also vital that we teach our seven old twins now about zero waste so it is passed onto future generations… [Read More]

Year 2 Parents Evening Half Term Begins

Last week was the last week in school for my twin girls before half term. That also means that parents evening falls in that week. I’m not sure about everybody else, but I always find parents evening a daunting experience. I always feel like an adult that has gone back to school for twenty minutes. I’m not sure if it’s the small chairs and tables, and the fact that it is held in the school hall, but it always feels a very intimidating environment and then you sit in front of their teacher to hear how your children are getting… [Read More]

Guide to writing an essay on gender inequality

Writing any essay can be tough regardless of the topic. The first thing you’ll need to do is understand the basics of essay writing. Assuming you already know what the topic of your essay is going to be, the next steps will be to outline your ideas. Think about what questions you may need to ask in order to form answers that can be explained in detail in your essay. I always think it’s best to approach essay writing as though the intended reader knows nothing on your chosen topic. As such you’ll need to have a brief introduction of… [Read More]

An Interview With Laura Dove Who Writes Five Little Doves

This week I get to interview one of my favourite bloggers and dare I say it, a friend who I have met on a number of occasions. Laura really is one of the nicest bloggers I have met. She always has time to chat or help out another blogger. What makes Laura’s writing so special is that it always resonates with somebody and the reason behind that is simple. Laura writes with passion and so much honesty and her posts engage with the reader from the very first sentence. Laura is a married mum of five. They live together in… [Read More]